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I'm looking for a 7D fan to role play my awesome idea with me. Let me just give ya the skinny of what I got so far for ideas of my OC and the first rp episode as well: My OC is a young princess named Princess Kim which is short for Kimberly. She is about 11-12 years old-She is sent to stay in Jollywood for quite sometime to stay at her Aunt Delightful's castle. Kim heard stories of the 7D and their heroic deeds and sees them as kinda her role models and as she dubs them "Uncles" or Cousins. She is adventurous and kind-hearted who has a beautiful voice. :3 She's very curious and loves to read-course her curiousity sometimes gets her in trouble especially if it involves the Glooms scheming their plans. :) She is targeted by the Glooms at times because she is a relative of the Queen. :) Also she is the only one who knows about the 7D's mine since they show her around and she swore to never tell anyone about it. Still so far for what I'm cooking up the role play pilot episode introduces Kim and her starting bond with the 7D and given a tour of Jollywood. :) The Glooms plan to kidnap Kim and hold her hostage The episode can show how even though Kim is a princess-she is quite resourceful. :) Ya know a slow-yet interesting start I came up with a brilliant brainstorm :3 As Kim is heading home she comes across a very unusual flower she finds interesting, yet before she plucks it-POOF! It sprays her with a purple pollen that makes her sleepy and she falls asleep giving Grim and Hildy the chance to snatch her up and take her back to their home. Now they pretend that they found her in the middle of the forest and brought her to their home and act as house hosts to her (unknown to her that she is being held hostage under later when she overhears them talking when she is exploring the house abit). :) Plus I had this idea that when Queen Delightful hears of what happened from Starchbottom-she fears what those terrible Glooms are doing to her-yet the scene switches to her having some tea and snacks with them (Part of the plan to keep her unaware of the true nature of them and such) :) Still I'm sure when we get started and get to the scenes they'll be more fleshed out and quite interesting And another idea! :3 When Kim is trying to find a way to escape-she comes across the magic broomsticks and she decides out of curiousity to try one out which launches into a hilarious and scary fun ride for Kim as it whisks her out of the Glooms house and flying off all over the place! :) From flying across town and up in the sky until she crashes into a tree which the 7D would see the event unfold and rush to her aid when she clings to a tree branch that begins to break and as she falls they use a parachute to catch her.
Here are the requirements:

+ Must know the characters well

 + Must know the show Well (Seen every episode to present)

+ Flexible hours  

+ Knows how to role play and puts lots of detail, emotion, etc in it  

+ Accepts OCS (And has some interesting OCS that MIGHT flex into the story-If you have a 7D OC or whatnot)  

+ Has interesting ideas to spice up the story   Anyway its all about having fun and embracing the love of 7D by making our own adventures. So if anyone is interested-please message me about it. :) Also you can message me on Deviantart

Also here is what the show is in case any of you missed episodes or haven't seen it:……
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